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Tradecast Agency: support at every stage

Kenneth Stamp

Storyteller, Copywriter & Brand Manager

One of the three pillars on which Tradecast is based is ‘service’. Whatever your goals are with your own video platform, with Tradecast you are never just striving by yourself. That’s why we founded the Tradecast Agency, our in-house marketing and content agency.

The experts at Tradecast Agency will guide you every step of the way to launching your ultimate video platform. And even after that, our experts are there for you. To think about your strategy, for instance. Or to realise custom features or to create content for your platform. Tradecast Agency offers tailor-made solutions: from complete project management to content production and marketing advice.

From the very first time you get in touch with Tradecast, you will be assisted by Tradecast Agency. Together with an expert, you can create your ideal video platform, from concept to launch. Do you need help operating your platform during or after launch? Our team of local experts is happy to help you. And to make operating your own platform as effortless as launching it, we have created Tradecast Learn: an online environment full of explainer videos, help articles and inspiration.

After your personal onboarding, your video platform will be custom designed by Tradecast Agency, so that the design of your new platform perfectly matches your already existing branding and corporate identity or meets your needs for your newly created online content hub. Tradecast Agency specializes in translating your brand strategy and design into a functional, scalable video platform with a logical user flow.

The experts of Tradecast Agency will then help you to get the most out of your video platform, both before and after launch. For example by providing tailor made advice, content production and project management. The services that Tradecast Agency can provide are:

  • Project management
  • Video production
  • Copywriting
  • Platform art direction
  • Platform content and social media distribution advice
  • Platform marketing and communication consultancy
  • Platform business model consultancy
  • Livestream support: before and during live events
  • Troubleshooting
  • Development of custom features

Curious how the experts of Tradecast Agency can help you? Please feel free to contact us.

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