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Custom Video Solutions

Starting at $150 per month

Your own video player, a ready-made video platform or custom OTT apps: challenge us with your video-related needs and discover the power of video.

Tradecast is your specialist in custom video solutions, online video, OTT and streaming solutions and thinks with you from A to Z. Technically always up-to-date and fully supported by our experts.

Build together

Proven technology

With Tradecast, you launch your video solution, video player or video platform based on proven strategies. From the initial conversation to well after launch, our experts provide you with support, advice and project management.

Scalable solutions

Your video solutions from Tradecast are available anytime, anywhere thanks to the unprecedented power of the Tradecast Engine: the technology engine behind every solution we build. The Engine is scalable and is continuously maintained and provided with new updates and capabilities.

Support and advice

Get further, together. To make operating your own platform as easy as launching it, our Tradecast Support team is available by phone and email to provide support and answer your questions about online video solutions.

Tools for developers

Tradecast aims to provide developers with the best tools and features for optimal integrations of our technology with existing distribution platforms, applications, web shops and websites.

From an API implementation or WordPress plugin to embedding video information or supervising a single sign-on process, Tradecast’s video solutions are designed to work seamlessly with existing systems, structures and languages.

Your partner in online video

Player, API and payments

Retrieving and serving out specific data, that’s what the Tradecast API is all about. It allows you to execute specific queries and retrieve data in order to create customized video overviews – using JavaScript.

Complete infrastructure

From uploading to transcoding and from thumbnail and meta-data management to sprite sheet serving: Tradecast handles the entire broadcast process, including instantly addressable analytics information.

Worldwide Content Delivery Network

Tradecast is your end-to-end solution for broadcasting video content online. Our advanced, lightning fast Content Delivery Network (CDN) offers global coverage and makes your videos available to stream anywhere in the world.




One month trial license including:

  • 50 GB storage ($0,15/GB overuse)
  • 20 minutes transcoding 720p ($0,40/input minute overuse)
  • 50 GB data traffic in main regions ($0,13/GB overuse)


Starting at $150 per month

  • Tradecast Video Management System
  • Embeddable Tradecast Video Player
  • API documentation
  • Interactieve videolayers
  • AVOD-module


Starting at $500 per month

Everything from Essential, plus:

  • Template-based HTML video platform
  • On-demand and linear content distribution
  • Live streaming module with chat functionality
  • SVOD and TVOD modules, including Stripe configuration


Starting at $1000 per month

Everything from Expansion, plus:

  • Proprietary TV apps for iOS and Android
  • Mobile push notifications
  • User-generated content module
  • Mobile live streaming module
  • Design your platform with our designers


Starting at $2500 per month

Everything from Play, plus:

  • Personal support & advice
  • Custom platform development (on request and quotation)
  • All OTT and Smart TV apps, including:
    • Samsung (Tizen)
    • LG (WebOS)
    • Roku
    • Apple TV
    • Amazon Fire TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Tradecast’s video solutions, including your own Tradecast Video Platform and the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS), we’ve got you covered. More questions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out.

  • What is a Tradecast Video Platform?

    With the Tradecast Video Platform you can easily start your own, self-managed online video hosting platform in a simple, cost-efficient and future-focussed way. Perfectly suited to present all your video content globally and in an attractive way, while maintaining full control over your content, data, users and revenue models.

    Tradecast’s video solutions, including the Tradecast Video Platform, work on any screen and device, including web browsers, smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. Streaming videos on a platform you fully control has never been easier.

    The Tradecast Video Platform comes in a bundle with the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player and the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS), to form a complete solution for online broadcasting and content management.

  • What is the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS)?

    The Tradecast Video Management System (VMS) is the online video platform management system behind your Tradecast HTML5 Video Player. It’s the ultimate Video Marketing Platform and video cloud for all your video marketing activities.

    In this secure environment you can upload all your videos, provide them with titles, descriptions, thumbnails, meta data, subtitles, interactivity and much more.

    The Tradecast VMS also includes key features for measuring content on your online video platform and makes it easy to see the results over a specified time period. With the Tradecast VMS, you can manage your entire video library from your favorite HTML5 browser and always know exactly which videos are scoring well.

    The VMS supports on-demand videos, as well as linear and live video content on your own online video platform. This makes in the perfect tool for enterprise video hosting and online video content creators.

  • Can I customize the appearance of my Video Platform?

    You certainly can! You can customize the Tradecast Video Platform and the HTML5 Video Player to make it work for your brand. Among other things, you can customize the colors, web fonts and layout of your own online video platform.

    For the customizable player, you can adjust the logo at the top left and the button bar at the bottom – the seek bar. Changes to the appearance of the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player are automatically visible in all places where the Video Player is being used, even if it is embedded by third parties.

  • Can you easily embed the HTML5 Video Player from my Video Platform?

    You bet! Through the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS), the management system behind your Tradecast-powered online video platform, you can retrieve the embed code of any uploaded video file with a single click. You can then customize this code to your liking and use it in a variety of locations, including on websites and in web shops, platforms and apps.

  • On which devices does my Video Platform work?

    Tradecast video solutions are built to work from a single source on as many different devices as possible. A video you upload into the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS) can be displayed on your web-based online video platform and – through the embeddable HTML5 Video Player – on web browsers, websites, web shops, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and many more devices.

  • What is the difference between players like YouTube and Vimeo and the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player and Video Platform?

    The main difference between video players such as YouTube and Vimeo and the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player is the fact that you completely own and control your own Tradecast-powered online video platform and the accompanying Tradecast HTML5 Video Player.

    The videos you upload, the data these videos generate, the interactions your viewers have with the videos and the revenue models the Video Platform enables: you are the full owner of everything.

    On (social) video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, you only partially own the video solution, which means that an overwhelming part of the value of your videos and the resulting data remains the property of the producer of the video player.

    With the Tradecast Video Platform, Tradecast VMS and Tradecast HTML5 Video Player, you can be sure that you always retain full control over your videos, your data and your revenue models.

  • Can I make my videos interactive with the HTML5 Video Player?

    Absolutely! Using the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS), the management system behind the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player, you can easily add interactive elements to any and all on-demand videos. Just upload your video files and start adding interactive elements immediately.

    Interactive features for video content playback include clickable areas on the screen, interactive video banners and buttons that appear on and off screen at the right time, such as a buy button, a more information button, a location button and a download button. This will ensure the highest viewing experience.

    Another form of video interactivity is adding video ad tags to your content. With video ad tags, you can choose at which moments the video playback should be interrupted with an AVOD video ad break. This is also a good solution for offering B2B video content on your website.

    The Tradecast HTML5 Video Player is the best video player to use if you want to make your on-demand videos videos interactive.

  • Can I live stream on my Video Platform?

    Yes, you can do that, too! From the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS), the management system behind the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player, you can start a live stream at the touch of a button. Once activated, your live stream can then be viewed by your audience via an embeddable Tradecast HTML5 Video Player or on your Video Platform itself. Live streaming uses the RTMP protocol, so you can easily link a livestream connection to the Tradecast VMS.

  • Can I use stream videos from my Video Platform through Chromecast and AirPlay?

    You can! The Tradecast HTML5 Video Player that is embedded throughout your own Video Platform supports both streaming via Google Chromecast and Apple Airplay. This allows your viewers to easily transfer a video they start on a web-based device to, for example, video content playback on a Smart TV or set-top box that supports Chromecast or Airplay.

  • Can I use DRM with my Video Platform?

    Yes, DRM is also supported by the Tradecast Video Platform and the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player. In the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS), the management system behind the Tradecast HTML5 Video Player, you can create so-called ‘DRM regions’. These determine in which regions worldwide your selected videos can or cannot be viewed from.

  • In which resolutions can I make my content available on my Video Platform?

    The Tradecast Video Platform supports all major and common streaming and online video broadcasting resolutions, including 360p, 720p HD and 1080p Full HD, for both on-demand video content as for linear content and live streams.

  • What does a Tradecast Video Platform cost?

    A Tradecast Video Platform and the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS) are already available in our Tradecast Expansion package starting at $500 per month. All information about this package can be found on our product page.

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