What is live streaming?

Live streaming is the process of streaming a video broadcast in real-time to an online audience. This is usually done through a platform such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitch, where viewers can watch the video as it airs. Live streams are often interactive, giving viewers the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the content of the stream.

Why should you live stream?

There are numerous reasons why you might choose to live stream. Below we discuss some of the most popular:

  • Audience engagement: Live streaming makes the audience part of the action. Viewers can ask questions and react to the content of the stream, making them feel more involved in what is happening.
  • Real-time communication: Live streaming allows you to communicate with your audience in real-time. This can help build a stronger connection with your followers and strengthen your brand.
  • Unparalleled accessibility: Live streaming allows you to communicate with people around the world, no matter where they are. This can help you reach a wider audience and expand your reach.
  • Cost savings: Live streaming is often a cost-effective way to communicate with your audience because it doesn’t involve travel costs and you don’t have to produce large amounts of material.

What do you need to livestream?

To start live streaming, you need a few things:

  • A webcam or a camera: You need a camera to make your video broadcast. Many laptops already have a built-in webcam, but if you want more professional images, it is recommended to use an external camera.
  • A good Internet connection: Live streaming requires a stable and fast Internet connection because the video is streamed during the broadcast.
  • Streaming software: There are plenty of free and paid streaming software available, such as OBS and XSplit. This software allows you to aggregate your camera input, audio and other sources and stream it to your platform of choice.
  • A platform to stream to: There are many platforms available on which to stream, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Choose a platform that best suits your audience and goals.

How do you create a good livestream?

To create a successful live stream, you need to consider a few things:

  • Make a plan: Think in advance about what you want to accomplish with your live stream and how you want to accomplish it. This can help determine the content of your stream and how you want to present that content.
  • Create interaction: Try to create interaction with your audience during the livestream. You can do this by asking questions, conducting polls or inviting people to comment on the content of the stream.
  • Be professional: Make sure you are on time for your stream, that you are dressed professionally and that you are using the right equipment. This can help build a professional and trustworthy impression.
  • Promote your stream: Use social media and other channels to promote your stream. This can help reach a larger audience and increase engagement.

How do you promote your live stream?

There are numerous ways to promote your live stream, below we discuss some of the most effective:

  • Leverage social media: Use social media to draw attention to your stream and invite people to watch.
  • Create an event: Create an event on social media or on your website and invite people to participate.
  • Use email marketing: Send an email to your subscribers inviting them to watch your stream.
  • Utilize influencers: Ask influencers in your niche to share your stream with their followers. This can help reach a larger audience and increase engagement.
  • Make use of SEO: Make sure your stream is easily findable in search engines by using relevant keywords and writing a good meta description.
  • Make use of ads: Place ads for your stream on social media or other websites to reach more people.

It is important to remember that promoting your live stream is just as important as creating the stream itself. By applying the right strategies, you can ensure that your stream is seen by a large audience and that your goals are met.

Live streaming with Tradecast

If you’re interested in hosting a live stream and want full control over the way your event is broadcasted online, Tradecast offers a great and easy-to-use solution to do just that. The Tradecast Video Management System (VMS) offers a full live streaming module, with which you can start, schedule and manage live streams on a video platform you fully control. This included monetizing live streams and also adding interactive features, such as a live chat and a comments module.


Live streaming is an effective way to communicate and connect with your audience. Whether sharing a product launch, hosting a concert or creating educational content, there are numerous ways you can use live streaming to achieve your goals. By using the right technology, creating a good plan, interacting with your audience and promoting your stream, you can ensure that your stream is a success.