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Livery Video and Tradecast unveil strategic partnership

Kenneth Stamp

Storyteller, Copywriter & Brand Manager

Livery Video – provider of interactive live streaming solutions – and Tradecast – video streaming technology powerhouse – have joined forces to revolutionize the video streaming landscape. This strategic collaboration is set to redefine the industry by combining the expertise of Livery Video in interactive live content with Tradecast’s robust, independent video platform solution.

The partnership introduces a comprehensive end-to-end video streaming platform that seamlessly integrates high-end interactive live streaming and independent video distribution and monetization capabilities. Clients will now benefit from a holistic platform covering website development, interactive live streaming and on-demand video distribution services.

Empowering clients: time-to-market, affordability and customization by offering a one-stop-shop solution

The partnership combines Tradecast’s core tenets of ‘control,’ ‘power,’ and ‘service’ with Livery Video’s commitment to reducing latency and providing real-time interactivity. This results in a unique and powerful offering in the market, providing clients with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Clients gain access to a fully functional and scalable solution that is not only quick to set up but also cost-effective and highly customizable. Tradecast’s technology ensures clients have absolute control over their video platforms, from design and content to data and revenue streams.

This unified offering addresses the evolving needs of the streaming industry and positions Livery Video and Tradecast as trailblazers in providing a complete interactive streaming solution.

Yillmaz Schoen, CEO of Tradecast, highlights the significance of the partnership, stating, “Our end-to-end solution is not just quick to implement, but also tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients – from e-commerce platforms and content creators to sports clubs and media businesses. Livery Video’s powerful interactive features perfectly compliment this solution.”

Jeroen Elfferich, CEO of Livery Video, echoes this sentiment, “Together, we are providing a turnkey solution for clients, combining the best of interactive live streaming and on-demand video. This means our clients can focus on their content and audience engagement while we take care of the technical complexities.”

Interactive video demo from Tradecast and Livery Video

Tradecast and Livery Video now offer all kinds of new possibilities to make interactive videos or interactive video stories. The Tradecast Video Management System is an all-in-one management system for online video content and is full of possibilities to add clickable elements and interactive layers to videos. Making video interactive by adding additional information to it is one of the key features of the Tradecast VMS.

Interactive videos can then be displayed from your own Tradecast environment on desktop devices and mobile devices. You can also share the videos on your own online video platform. This can be done with standard video, shoppable video as well as linear video. Tradecast offers a range of monthly plans, so you can pick and choose which interactive video feature or video player works best for you.

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