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The Tradecast Engine: the motor behind your video platform

Kenneth Stamp

Storyteller, Copywriter & Brand Manager

Every video platform we build at Tradecast consists – first of all – of a unique custom portal that perfectly matches the needs of a specific client. This portal must accurately translate a client’s corporate identity and branding, as well as include the broadcast and interaction capabilities that client requires. While this ‘front end’ of a video platform is always designed to be fully custom, Tradecast’s strength is that the ‘back end’ of each platform is developed fully on the same technology. This back end – the technological motor behind every video platform we build – is called the Tradecast Engine.

The Tradecast Engine is technologically complete, infinitely scalable and always up-to-date, with no surprises or additional costs for clients. The Engine is the foundation on which all of our video platforms are built, and is therefore continuously maintained and updated with new features. As a result, our clients can call upon the Tradecast Engine at any time: it is engine that starts running precisely when you need it to.

By offering the Engine as a so-called SaaS product, all new features and updates we develop become automatically available to all our customers. SaaS stands for ‘software as a service’ and means that for one fixed amount per month you get access to all the features of the Tradecast software, divided into two product packages: Play or Prime. Check out our productpage for more information.

Another advantage of the SaaS products for our customers is the fact that a Tradecast video platform will be immediately updated when an important new playback device or operating system becomes available. For example, consider an update to the iOS operating system for Apple’s iPhones: if Apple decides to increase the screen size of these phones, all app makers who want to support this new device must ensure that their apps are adapted to the new phone’s screen dimensions. For Tradecast customers with their own iOS app for their video platform, this development work is then performed at no additional cost, as part of the service of our SaaS product.

This also applies to the development of new features and capabilities for the Tradecast Engine. For example, if we develop a new livestream functionality or introduce a new possibility for interactivity with viewers, this feature is then automatically made available in the CMS behind your video platform. Thus, the CMS is the control panel for your own segment of the Tradecast Engine, giving you secure access to all the features of your video platform.

With the Tradecast Engine as a foundation, you will always and automatically be using the most up-to-date version of your video platform. Wherever you are.

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