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Release Notes – 05.06.22

Kenneth Stamp

Storyteller, Copywriter & Brand Manager

Tradecast Release Notes make it easy to stay up-to-date on new features and software fixes added to the Tradecast Video Management System (VMS). The Release Notes provide a quick overview of all new features, resolved and known issues in the latest version of the Tradecast VMS and other Tradecast software products.


  • Plans: when creating a new plan, the page now scrolls up automatically;
  • Plans: deleting the amount in the ‘price’ field of a plan now no longer freezes the input field;
  • Interests: the reverse order of Interests has been restored.

Feature updates:

  • VMS: we have released the official Tradecast WordPress plugin, which is now available in the WordPress Plugin Marketplace;
  • Videos: markdown and formatting features now possible in video descriptions (URLs, formatting, etc);
  • Videos: added improved video embedding capabilities;
  • Videos: added the ability to choose a transcoding preset per video – during upload. This only applies to channels that have more than one transcoding preset configured;
  • Users: a user can now delete his/her account from the App or Web frontends;
  • Livestreaming: brand new livestream flow available, which decouples DRM and Time Shifting. All additional features are now grouped under one tab.

Do you have any questions about these Release Notes? If so, feel free to contact our product experts at Tradecast Support.

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