With TradeCast you can also offer your online video platform on Smart TVs that use the Vewd App Store, including TVs from Sony, Vestel and Hisense. The Vewd Store is offered on over 200 million Smart TVs worldwide, so the potential to reach new viewers is enormous.

Smart TVs are a great platform to offer your content to a potentially huge audience. With TradeCast’s single source broadcasting technology you can also offer your online video platform in the Smart TV app store of Vewd-powered televisions, more than 200 million devices worldwide. With the push of a button on their remote control, your audience has easy access to your content on their Smart TVs that have access to the Vewd App Store. With all the graphics, overlays and interactivity that you are used to from the web-based video platform, your Vewd Smart TV app is the perfect tool to reach your viewers in their living room.


The menu of a Smart TV that operates on the Vewd system.

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