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We're here to answer any questions you may have about the TradeCast TV platform, online video broadcasting and starting your own online TV channel.

To contact the TradeCast TV team, please visit our Contact page. We’re available via email and phone. For a demo of the TradeCast TV platform, please schedule an online demo.

The main difference between starting your own online video content platform next to your activities on free social video platforms like YouTube and Facebook is control. If you just publish your video content on platforms that aren’t yours – like YouTube or Facebook – you give up a lot of control over your content, data and revenue models. While posting videos on these social platforms might be good for your brand or marketing, you can’t build any real value there. All the important data of your viewers and followers, like viewer behavior and contact information, belongs to YouTube or Facebook. On your own platform, you are the only one that’s in control.

Absolutely! Get in touch via our Contact page and we’ll set up a live demonstration of the TradeCast TV platform. We’ll show you all the features and discuss the specific ways in which starting your own online video platform will help you.

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Our experienced team is here to help you launch your own online video platform. If you’re curious about what TradeCast TV can offer your organization, please feel free to get in touch with one of our dedicated online video experts. We’d love to give you a live demo of the many features of the TradeCast TV platform.