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Video is the ideal marketing tool. That’s why more and more travel and leisure companies are investing heavily in online content. TradeCast TV combines video with e-commerce for the perfect OTT travel solution.

From viewer to booker
More than half of people who are thinking about taking a trip watch travel-related videos and 62 percent of leisure travelers say that they want to see a video before making a final travel booking decision. So for a travel or leisure company, investing in online video content is well worth the effort. But transferring a viewer to a booker can be quite a challenge. TradeCast TV offers travel companies concrete video e-commerce and interactivity tools, such as the ability to send a viewer to a booking page with just a tap on the screen. Get in control of your content, data and revenue and start broadcasting your travel content on your own online video platform.

Take a look at some of client cases below and see how travel and leisure companies are using the TradeCast TV technology to finally get in control of their content, data and revenue models:

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