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Sports clubs and esporters, it’s time to truly connect with your fans and offer your sponsors advertising that goes beyond the stadium. Discover online video, the future of sports marketing.

Embrace fans and advertisers
Today, sports fans actively embrace a lifestyle and engage with clubs that best cater to this lifestyle. Sports fans are also one on the most active user groups on mobile platforms. As a sports club, you are in the unique position of catering to a target audience that’s extremely video and social focussed. Sports fans are active on all social video platforms and – best of all – interested in everything their favorite team does. And sports players are just as active on social media, constantly providing video content, photo’s and unique experiences that are ready to share and go viral. So a modern sports club with it’s eye on the future will use quality video content to tell engaging stories. If you want to truly engage your fans outside of the stadium, you have to trigger them with video. With TradeCast TV, you know exactly who your audience is and what they like. And that’s valuable information for you, but also for advertisers.

Take a look at some of client cases below and see how the TradeCast TV technology helps sports clubs and esports organizations to finally get in control of their content, data and revenue models.

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