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Entrepreneurs, the best time to embrace video is right now. You know that every interaction with your brand must be exceptional. And right now, there’s no better tool to accomplish that than video.

The value of data ownership
A solid video marketing strategy should be a key part of your overall content marketing plan. But video on its own, posted on a social media platform like YouTube or Facebook, isn’t magically going to grow your business. We’ve reached a point where owning your own video data is key in creating solid online revenue models. So as a company or brand, it should not just be about Facebook or YouTube. It’s about reaching your audience on the screens they use the most, on a platform where you are in control of data. Video is the future of online marketing and companies who don’t start broadcasting video content on a platform where they are in control are really missing out.

Take a look at some of client cases below and see how businesses are using the TradeCast TV technology to finally get in control of their content, data and revenue models:

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