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Broadcasters, start offering all of your curated content in one custom OTT solution, visible on all screens. Generate new revenue with monetization options such as AVOD, TVOD and SVOD.

One solution, all screens
Until now, an end-to-end way to reach your audience with a video platform you control, hasn’t been available. And the same goes for a way to monetize that platform with targeted and relevant ads and the tools to harvest user data that’s completely yours. Sure, posting the occasional video on Facebook or YouTube might get your content out there, but this sporadic and wide spread publishing is a terrible business model. Harness the power TradeCast TV and broadcast your content on your own, fully monetizable OTT platform.

Take a look at some of client cases below and see how broadcasters are using the TradeCast TV technology to finally get in control of their content, data and revenue models.

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