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Viewing behavior is changing rapidly and each video requires a unique experience. With your own Tradecast video platform, you reach all your viewers, wherever they watch. On the web, with mobile apps for iOS and Android and even directly in the living room with apps for Apple TV, Samsung, LG, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and VEWD.

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Build your own database

Get direct insight into the viewing, clicking and buying behavior of your target audience thanks to the comprehensive dashboard of your video platform. Identify trends, user behavior and commercial opportunities. The dashboard provides user-friendly insights into views, registered users and video sales. All data remains completely yours.

Fully scalable and always up-to-date

Your video platform is available anytime, anywhere, thanks to the unprecedented power and scalability of the Tradecast Engine: the technological motor behind every platform we build. The Engine is continuously maintained and provided with new updates and features. So you can always rely on it, at no additional cost.

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A design that
fits your brand

From logo to footer, your own video platform is fully customized to perfectly fit your brand. Tradecast Agency – our in-house concept agency – specializes in translating your brand strategy and design preferences into a functional, scalable video platform with a logical user flow.

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