Tools and features for developers

Tradecast likes to get the most out of collaborations with experienced developers. That’s why we offer developers the tools and features for optimal integrations of our technology with existing distribution platforms and websites.


With the combination of our own player, scalable infrastructure, flexible API and the extensive Tradecast Engine VMS, developers and IT professionals get all the tools they need to realize comprehensive integrations on existing websites, business applications and apps. Our technology is kept up-to-date and continuously expanded to the latest requirements and possibilities.

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Tradecast’s infrastructure handles the broadcast process across the board: from uploading to transcoding and from thumbnail and meta-data management to serving up sprite sheets. The Tradecast Engine also contains an extensive database of analytics information, which can be directly accessed and utilized.

Player, API and

Retrieving and serving very targeted data, that’s what the Tradecast API is all about. Our API allows you to make specific queries and request data, for example – by means of JavaScript – to create custom video overviews for an external platform.

Tradecast also contains a fully integrated module for the purchase and payment of fully manageable individual content or content packages. One-time payments and SEPA direct debit are also supported. Each Tradecast platform can also be linked to payment provider Stripe, allowing payments with credit cards, iDeal and Bancontact, among others, to take place easily.

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