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To contact the TradeCast TV team, please visit our Contact page. TradeCast TV is available via email and phone. 

The main difference between starting your own video platform next to your activities on free social video platforms like YouTube or Facebook is the amount of control you have on a platform. Publishing your content solely on platforms that aren’t fully yours – like YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook – means you give up a lot of control over your content, data and revenue models. While posting videos on these social platforms should be a solid part of your marketing strategy, they are not ideal to build sustainable online revenue models on. The important viewer data, like views, viewer behavior and contact information, ends up belonging to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. On your own platform, you are the only one that’s in control and able to decide how this data can benefit your marketing and business models. For more information on how broadcasting on your own platform can increase your revenue, get in touch!

Get in touch with TradeCast TV and we’ll set up a live demonstration of the TradeCast TV platform. We’ll show you all the relevant features and discuss the specific ways in which starting your own video platform will help you reach your goals.

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