• Interests: for video platforms with more than 50 set Interests, it is now easier to assign them to a video;

    • Overlays: the ‘Buy / Reserve’ overlay now shows the correct label when it appears in the Tradecast Player.

Feature updates:

    • VMS: we have added support for metadata texts in multiple languages for selected video platforms. From now on it is possible to add the following elements in Dutch and English per video*:
        • Video title and description

        • Main and subcategory title and description

        • Interest title

        • Marketing Slider title, description, button title and button URL

        • Content page title and body text

*Additional languages expected soon

    • VMS: we have added a list view in the Video Overview, as an alternative to the thumbnail view. Especially for video platforms with a large amount of uploaded videos, this feature will simplify searching the Video Overview;

    • Revenue Generation: from now on, the total number of Orders and Contracts will be shown, at the top of the screen, based on the filters currently applied.

Do you have any questions about these Release Notes? Then feel free to contact our product experts at Tradecast Support.

TC – 06.01.22