The Tradecast Engine

Your video platform is available anytime, anywhere, thanks to the unprecedented power of the Tradecast Engine: the technological motor behind every video platform we build. The Engine is scalable and continuously maintained and provided with new updates and features. So you can always rely on it, at no additional costs.

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Player & VMS

Discover how the Tradecast Player and its Video Management System (VMS) can take the video strategy of your website, webshop or e-commerce platform to the highest level.

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Introduction to the VMS

Discover the key capabilities of the Tradecast Video Management System, the beating heart of your video distribution strategy.

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Tools for webshops

Discover how the combination of the Tradecast Player and the Tradecast Video Management System can boost the sales of your e-commerce platform or webshop.

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Live streaming

Go live when you want and involve your viewers in your broadcast. In just a few clicks you can provide your live stream – in HD and even 4K – with an interactive live chat. Viewers can ask questions during the stream, respond with emojis and even start a conversation. All on your own platform.

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Endlessly interactive

Add a variety of interactive buttons to your videos – down to the second – and guide your audience to a webshop, ticket page or additional content. Or let your viewers submit their own video responses via your own iOS and Android apps for even more interactivity.

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Monetize limitlessly

Create new revenue streams by adding AVOD ad blocks to videos or by setting up TVOD and SVOD packages. Or combine subscriptions with branded content, banners and sponsored videos. It’s your platform, so you have full freedom to set up and optimize revenue models.

Tools and features
for developers

Tradecast strives to get the most out of collaborations with experienced developers. Therefore, we are happy to offer developers the best tools and features tailored for optimal integrations of our technology with existing distribution platforms and websites. From an API implementation or WordPress plugin to the embedding of video information or a single sign-on process.

With the combination of our proprietary player, scalable infrastructure, flexible API and the comprehensive Tradecast Engine – the VMS behind our video platforms – developers and IT professionals get all the tools they need to create expansive integrations on existing websites, business applications and apps.

Want to know more about the possibilities of Tradecast for developers? Check out our information page.

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