TradeCast TV

Interactive video

Simply enrich your content with context-sensitive interactivity, straight from the TradeCast platform. Interactive overlays include click-and-buy links to webpages, more information, location and more.

By using in-video interactivity, you can transform your content from just viewable to also clickable. Easily increase the involvement of your audience and the click-through rate of your content, straight from the TradeCast platform.

There are several interactive buttons to add to your content: add a click-and-buy button to easily refer your viewers from a video to a webshop or reservation page. Create a link button that directly sends viewers to a web page, such as a partner site or your own blog post. Other interactions you can add are the information overlay and location overlay, to add even more context to your content without having your viewers being pulled away from the platform. Finally, there is also the possibility to add a Twitter or RSS feed to your content, all with the push of a button.

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