TradeCast TV

In-store TV channels

In-store narrowcasting, the smart way. Enrich your in-store customer experience with your own online video platform. With TradeCast’s custom in-store TV channel app, you can broadcast your own platform in your physical stores without having to stress the in-store network.

The TradeCast in-store TV channel platform is ideal for broadcasting your own video platform on multiple physical locations, such as store chains, schools or company locations. 

By using a dedicated in-store broadcasting technology, content is temporarily stored and refreshed at set times. This allows you to broadcast in HD quality on in-store Smart TVs without having to use the majority of the available internet capacity. It’s company-wide, on-location broadcasting, 24/7, the smart way.

Apps for screens your audience actually engages with

Activate your viewers with native apps for iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more.

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Progressive Web App

Distribute your content with a fully white-labeled progressive single page app.

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Native iOS and Android apps

Push notifications, user-generated content, mobile live streaming and more: all in the palm of your hand.

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Samsung Smart TV app

Increase your reach with your own video platform app in Samsung's Tizen Smart TV marketplace.

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Apple TV

Reach an even larger audience with your own video platform app on Apple TV devices.

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Amazon Fire TV

Extend your reach to Fire TV-powered Smart TVs and OTT devices with your own branded Amazon Fire TV app.

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LG Smart TV app

Reach an even larger audience with your own video platform app on LG Smart TV's that use WebOS.

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Vewd solutions

Reach more than 200 million OTT devices worldwide: launch your OTT app in the Vewd App Store.

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The fastest way to get your content on Roku: launch your own branded Roku OTT app with TradeCast.

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Smart Signage

Enrich your in-store customer experience with our solutions for narrowcasting and digital signage.

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