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Join the online broadcasting revolution: we are game-changers that dare to dream big in the rapidly changing worldwide media landscape. Looking for a challenge? Come aboard!

Senior Backend Developer Node.Js - Fulltime

As Senior Backend Developer you’ll play a key role within an experienced and motivated team. One of your main responsibilities is to build new (core) platform features, while also actively maintaining these features and assisting in the realization of the next phase of our unique platform. As a senior, it’s up to you to not only take the lead in managing projects for international clients, but to also make sure the development team stays at the top of its game. Interested? Get in touch!

Developer ELK-Stack – Fulltime​

You’ll be responsible for collecting, processing and creating data-driven insights. You use all the data we gather on our users and videos – all according to GDPR rules – to create insights for our clients so they can be even more successful in the execution of their business-models. All this data will also be helpful for us to develop the best video-recommendations engine for our users. This is a chance for you to work with cool techniques such as NodeJS in a Serverless Setup. Interested? Get in touch!

Medior Backend Developer Node.js – fulltime

As Medior Backend Developer you’ll play a responsible role within an experienced and motivated team, working on online video solutions for clients all over the world. With Serverless as keyword you’ll have the chance to work with techniques such as Firebase, Node.js and the Serverless framework to create event-driven solutions on AWS’ Lambda. You’ll be building awesome new features and realizing the next phase of our platform. Interested? Get in touch!