About Tradecast

Tradecast introduces the unique combination of a complete online streaming solution and a dedicated marketing and content agency. Combining these two areas of expertise, we are ready for any streaming challenge. Whether you want to live stream, generate new revenue with existing content, increase the interactivity with your target audience or are in need of new content to broadcast: Tradecast is ready to play

Tradecast is built on the three pillars ‘control’, ‘power’, and ‘service’. We give our clients complete control over their own video platform: from design and content to data and revenue. We do this with a self-developed, powerful and infinitely scalable technology that is ready for any streaming need: live and on-demand, free and paid. Whatever your challenge, with Tradecast you’ll never go at it alone: the Tradecast Agency is here to guide you  – every step of the way –  to launching your ultimate video platform. And even after launch we’re here for you. To help you sharpen your strategies, to realize custom features or to create new content.  

This is Tradecast: stream from a single-source solution to any screen – anywhere in the world – and manage your own data and revenues. Technically always up-to-date and fully supported by our experts.

Complete control

Control is what it’s all about on your own Tradecast platform. That’s why we empower you to fully manage your content, data, users and revenue models. All from a single, easy-to-manage dashboard. From there, you broadcast on your own platform that can be viewed everywhere: as a website and as apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Samsung and LG, among others. You also build your own database: from viewer profiles to sold video subscriptions; all data is and always remains your property. Your video platform will also be fully customised by Tradecast Agency, our in-house marketing and content agency: your brand, your logo, your design. 

Unprecedented power

Unleash the power of the Tradecast Engine, the motor behind every video platform we build. The Engine is technologically complete, infinitely scalable and always up-to-date, without any sudden surprises. Create new revenue streams by adding AVOD ad blocks to videos or by setting up TVOD and SVOD packages. Easily offer live streams on your platform. Free or paid, from a smartphone or a streaming setup. Or add interactive buttons to your videos and guide viewers to a webshop, ticket page or additional information. 

Complete support

At Tradecast, we always have your back. Together with the experts from Tradecast Agency – our in-house marketing and content agency – you create your ideal video platform, from concept to launch. Need help operating your platform? Our team of local experts is happy to help. And to make operating your own platform as effortless as launching it, we’ve created Tradecast Learn: an online environment full of explainer videos, help articles and inspiration.

Curious what difference your own video platform can make for your organization? Feel free to contact one of our experts.