5 tips for your first (or next) shoppable video

Those active in e-commerce know better than anyone that everything on your platform revolves around ease of use. And with the ever-increasing effectiveness of online video, you can capitalize even more on ‘customer enjoyment’. The way to get your visitors to buy earlier is to use in-video interactivity. Brands are increasingly using shoppable video content. In this article, we will give you 5 tips to make your first (or next) interactive sales video even more effective.

The longer your visitors take on your customer journey – that all-important ride from “awareness” to “purchase” – the sooner they lose interest. So the idea of shoppable video is very simple. Making the most of your videos to give your website visitors what they came for (the right products in their shopping cart) sooner. A visitor is more likely to become your customer if one click can buy that one product from your flashy video. You don’t want to have to manually look it up after watching it.

So making your videos interactive and clickable has a proven effect on online sales, according to research by London-based video marketing agency Spiel. 78 percent of the companies they surveyed say they sell more products with interactive videos, compared to standard product videos.

Figures from interactive video platform Wirewax also show that, on average, 41 percent of viewers buy a product from an interactive video. In addition, a shoppable video makes a viewer’s urge to buy about nine times stronger on average. And it is exactly this impulse that you need to exploit. Here’s how:

Tip #1: re-evaluate your customer journey

If you want to enrich your webshop with interactive, shoppable video content, it is important to look again at your customer journey. It makes more sense to offer an interactive video on the homepage of your webshop or on a product overview page, rather than on the product page itself.

After all, the great strength of an interactive, shoppable video is that a viewer can click through from that video directly to a particular product page. Or even – with some handy API links – add this product to the shopping cart already from within the video. This is, for example, what the Dutch online fashion retailer LOAVIES does with livestreams. A fresh look at your webshop’s purchase flow is therefore highly recommended, even before you start producing videos.

Tip #2: consciously produce your videos

Chances are that far from every video you already offer on your webshop is fully suitable for enrichment with interactive elements. Clickable shopping baskets that appear at the right moment and chapter selection can only really be used effectively if your video is also produced for that purpose.

Therefore, keep in mind that for interactive content you also shoot and edit unique videos. These are often more quietly structured, often contain only one or a few camera angles and very deliberately take the viewer past a few key products or features.

Tip #3: make interactivity immediately obvious

The sooner a viewer is aware that he or she is dealing with an interactive video, the better. That’s because it prevents the purpose of the video – to convert a viewer from the video into a customer – from being lost. With a clear thumbnail that introduces the interactive element and offering the first interactive elements in the first few seconds of the video, your viewers realize they are dealing with interactive content.

Utilizing the space around the video player can also help with this. For example, some video platforms also offer the ability to influence the page that incorporates the video player. Consider displaying the product from the video next to the player, including a buy or wishlist button.

Tip #4: to measure is to know

Benefits of interactive videos? They are often served out with a video player packed with tools for analytics and measurement. If you’re in the exploratory phase of searching for the perfect platform to offer interactive and shoppable videos with, choose a platform where “analytics” and “trackable content” are paramount. If you know exactly which interactive elements and buttons are scoring well (or poorly), you can learn from this and use this knowledge when producing your next video.

Also useful: the ability to collect feedback from your viewers, using interactive platform features such as a live chat.

Tip #5: experiment with shoppable video

Our final tip is one for the creatives among us: experiment! The interactive video format offers countless opportunities for unique, playful and eye-catching content, so make the most of them. What always helps me when figuring out an interactive video format is taking inspiration from companies that are now masters at leveraging shoppable video, such as IKEA, Gogglesoc and Ted Baker.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of interactive video shopping, let us know. The Tradecast Video Management System (VMS) supports all kinds of capabilities for in-video interactivity, so you can start offering interactive and shoppable video content on your own platform or website in no time with Tradecast.

Thanks for reading!