Endless solutions with TradeCast
E-commerce driver

E-commerce driver

  • Add interactivity to your product videos: book, buy, info, maps and more
  • Connect your e-commerce website to your channel and start increasing revenue
  • Measure your results and work efficiently
Unique marketing tool

Unique marketing tool

  • Reach, activate, engage and convince your target audience
  • Reshape your current marketing mix
  • An essential addition to your marketing efforts
TradeCast is your new business model

Business model

  • The online revenue solution for publishers
  • Utilize your channel engagement
  • Start selling content such as sponsored items or branded content
TradeCast offers e-learning solutions

E-learning solutions

  • Livestream education and save previous lessons for your On Demand section
  • Challenge students with interactive video tests
  • Research shows audiovisual interaction is the best way to learn, educate and remember
TradeCast as a branding platform

Branding platform

  • Reinforce your position in the market
  • Gather and categorize your branding video’s
  • Connect your online channels and start uniting consumers and fans

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